Saturday, October 11, 2008

BYU Ballroom Dance Company

McCall & I took Grandma Mann to the BYU Ballroom Dance Company's performance for grandma's birthday. It was wonderful! We started the evening with Panda Express & Coldstone and then watched the dancers at the Nampa Civic Center. The costumes were unbelievable and the routines were amazing as well. I think McCall's favorite part was meeting some of the dancers afterwards and getting their autographs. It was a nice break from football games!

Sports, Sports & MORE Sports

Cross Country - -Taylor knocked 30 seconds off of his time last week. His PR last year was 19:20 and he just ran an 18:49 in Twin Falls. Watch for more . . . State is in a few weeks.
Spencer is the starting safety for the Freshman Football Team. He also plays tight end, running back, and kicks.
Grant is a cornerback for East Valley. He also plays on the offensive line, kick-off & kick return

M'Kay plays tight end, defensive line, kick-off & kick return

McCall has to go to everything - - she cheers a lot and visits the concession stand!

Columbia High School Homecoming

Taylor asked Breanna Thueson to Homecoming with a little help from our friends Ben & Jerry!

She answered him back by decorating his room in Camo and leaving about 1,000 army guys on the stairs, the floor, the bed, even in his closet and dresser drawers. The poster said "It would take an army to keep me from going to Homecoming with you!"
THE DATE . . .
Taylor took Breanna out to the farm this morning to ride 4-wheelers. Of course it had to be the day where it was about 35 degrees and then the wind on top of it, taking down into the twenties. They had fun anyways and then joined several of their friends for dinner and the dance tonight. I think they had a great time!