Monday, November 19, 2007


Grant at the Treasure Valley Tournament

Right before his first match

Grant vs. Nyssa


Getting Post Match advice from Coach Dickinson

Spencer and his good friend Jake

Spencer gets advice also

2007 Treasure Valley Champion - - 130 lb weight class

Great Job Spencer

Grant & Spencer with the team trophy

If you hate wrestling, you might want to forget about the Salinas Family Blog for the next several months!!! While Grant & Spencer are almost done with the middle school season, Taylor just started high school wrestling practice today. We are wrestling crazies! Last weekend was the big Treasure Valley Tournament and both boys were awesome. Grant pinned his first kid, lost the next one and then lost his 3rd one as well. That last match was awesome and Grant wrestled so tough - - probably the best I have ever seen! Spencer had a great weekend and got first place. This is the valley's most coveted title and we were really excited to see him wrestle so hard and win everything. He had some tough matches but he was definitely focused and just did a super job. Congrats to both boys!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Spencer, Spencer, Spencer!!!

Look Ma . . . No Braces!!!

Finally, they are coming off!

Tools, wires, brackets and more!

We've come a LONG way baby!

Getting the bottom retainer


AFTER - - With Dr. Daron Stevens - - the BEST Orthodontist!

Capital Classic Wrestling Tournament Champion - - 130 lbs.

Spencer is the MAN of the week!!! Of course all of our children are amazing and wonderful, but his week definitely goes to Spencer! On Wednesday I dropped him off at the Orthodontist for a regular check-up. He was so excited because he was going to find out if he could come back the next week to get his braces off. He called my cell phone and told me that there had been a no-show that morning and wondered if it would be alright to get his braces off right then. OF COURSE!!! But, being the scrapbooker that I am (yea right!) I had to run all the way back home and grab my camera. At least I'll be ready to scrapbook someday (year right!) Needless to say, it was the happiest day of Spencer's Life! Well, until Saturday when he took the championship at the Capital Classic Wrestling Tournament!!! YEA!!! Spencer is a great wrestler and he has won lots of medals over the years - - even gold ones! But during Jr. High he has never placed first. Lots and lots of 2nd & 3rd, but for some reason that darn gold medal has eluded him. Finally, as an eighth grader he did it! He has another tournament next weekend and then the district tournament in a month. Hopefully the momentum will continue! Great job Spencer! We are so proud of you!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

M'Kay earns the "R Factor" award

Our family's traditional "Ghost Cookies"

McCall helps with the eyes

We seem to get this look often!

Football player meets ladybug

The stud!

And it's good!

A little of the loot

Yesterday was another big day! First of all M'Kay recieved the "R Factor" award at school for being responsible, reliable & respectful. He seems to get this every year! What a great kid! Then it was off to Papa Murphy's to pick up dinner (pepperoni jack-o-lantern pizza) and back home to make our traditional ghost cookies. That evening we went to East Valley's parking lot for "Trunk or Treating." Our kids love going around to everyone's trunks and loading up on candy. McCall was a beautiful ladybug, M'Kay was an awesome football player, Grant showed up as a stud wrestler - - in his singlet! and Taylor & Spencer just came downstairs in their regular clothes. They said that they were "Hollister Models!" After getting plenty of candy we came home to make doughnuts and apple cider. A fun night!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Football, Cross Country, Birthday

Go Wildcats

Looking Great Taylor!

Sprint for the finish

Relaxing after the race

2007 State Championships

Taylor & Mom

Taylor & Grandma Mann

Ronald Regan Bobcats

M'Kay & Coaches

Traditional Strawberry Milk and favorite cereal!

Surprise!!! (Check out the shoes she was wearing!)

McCall's very own house

Card & Money from David & Meggin

She is so expressive this year!

Thanks M'Kay!!!

Gift Card to Panda Express - - her favorite place to eat!

Littlest Pet Shop

A new coat

A housewarming gift from Grandma Mann - - flowers!

You are Special!

Make a Wish!

Another VERY busy weekend for the Salinas Family!!! M'Kay had his last football game scheduled for this morning at 11:45am while Taylor had the State Cross Country Meet in Idaho Falls at 2:00pm. We couldn't all be everywhere so Marc stayed home for football and Lauralyn traveled the 300 miles (with her mom) to watch Taylor run. Can you even believe that the other football team did not show up?!?!?!? Marc was not a happy camper since he was missing state! Anyway, M'Kay's team ended up scrimmaging each other and earning their 3rd place medals. Taylor loved his experience at state and ended up with a great time. For never competing in cross country before, he had an excellant year! Oh yea, one more minor detail. Today is McCall's 6th birthday. Not much of a day when there are so many other things. Her daddy took care of her this morning and then we had a family party at 10:00 pm when everyone was finally home. Happy birthday sweetheart!