Monday, August 29, 2011


12 years old

Make a Wish!

Perfect Timing - - they all got bracelets from Elder Salinas!

Is he old enough to have girls bringing him treats on his birthday???

Loves his Takis!!!

M'Kays Special Day!
M'Kay recieved the Priesthood from his dad on Sunday, August 28th
Standing in were Spencer, Grandpa Mann, Uncle Darin & Uncle Chris

Salinas Men (minus Elder Salinas)

Salinas Family

Boy Cousins

M'Kay with Grandma Nette

Grandpa & Grandma Mann give each grandson a Captain Moroni & $100 towards their mission when they turn 12. Here is a pic of all four of our boys . . . :)

M'Kay with Grandma Mann

Mission Money!

Mann Family

Farnsworth Family

Spencer - - Varsity - - #12
Grant - - JV - - #14

JV Season Opener
Columbia vs. Canyon Ridge
We lost this game pretty bad - - but Grant had a sweet 18 yard reception for a TD and a 54 yard punt! Good Job Grant!

Varsity Season Opener
Columbia vs. Canyon Ridge

We smoked them 35-0
LOVED watching our boys play together like a team!!!

Spencer's BIGGEST Fan!
After going to the game on Friday night, Trevor was up the next morning with a ski helmet on (backwards) playing football just like Spencer!

Not a great way to start the Season!

M'Kay on the sideline for every Varsity Game!

Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

McCall ~ 4th Grade

M'Kay ~ 6th Grade

Grant ~ Sophomore

Spencer ~ SENIOR!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Family Reunion

Family Reunion in McCall was AWESOME!!! We had such a great time. Nothing beats tradition! Watching the cousins play, walking downtown to Ice Cream Alley, Playing cards until all hours of the night and eating until we were sick!!! Priceless memories! :)

Grandpa and the kids at Ice Cream Alley

Traditional Swing Picture at Ice Cream Alley

Marc & I - - lovin' the ice cream!

Cousins posing on the rocks - - what a fun bunch!

Miss McCall getting her picture in McCall by the McCall Street sign!

Aunt Melanie with M'Kay and the rest of his merit badge cards! Scout Camp was a success!

Marc & McCall on the Jet Ski

M'Kay feeling pretty cool getting to ride the jet ski by himself this year!

Kennedy & Ellie chillin' on the lounger

Spencer getting a little air!

Spencer's reaction to his dad almost knocking him off the back of the boat! :)

Dalton on the wakeboard

Grant jumping the wake

Girl cousins making S'mores in the condo!

Ainsley, Meggin & Emma

Brooklyn, Ali & Trevor

Spencer spent an hour throwing cousins up in the air at the pool. They loved it and he got in a pretty good work out!

Grant entertaining us around the campfire with harmonica!!! Fire, S'mores and good music made for a great evening!

We hiked into Goose Creek Falls. SO BEAUTIFUL! Hadn't planned on getting in the ice cold water, but just couldn't help it! Off came the shoes and socks (even the shorts for M'Kay) and in the water we went. After the numbness wore off, it was great!

All of the kids were scared to get inside this old tree - - had to show them up!

This was one of our many nights out for an evening drive. We saw so many deer, elk, foxes, etc. Such a beautiful place!

This little guy was right outside our balcony while we ate breakfast one morning!

View from our condo balcony - - while sitting in the hot tub!

We celebrated Marc's birthday in style!

Pizza with M'Kay & McCall the first night we got there!

The week ended with Kennedy's Baptism! We left McCall Saturday morning, got home, showered, started laundry and then headed over to Nyssa to be part of her special day. Home again that night and back to Parma first thing Sunday Morning for her confirmation. It was a great time!

McCall & Kennedy

Kennedy signing the baptism book

Spencer trying to show Uncle David who's boss!
(if they weren't in suits, I think it would have gotten exciting!)

Kennedy with Grandpa & Grandma Mann

Ainsley, Brooklyn, Ellie, Kennedy & McCall