Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tropical Sno Grand Opening!
Marc has wanted to open a sno shack for years as a way to pay for the kids missions and college. We just never got around to it. Now that he has been out of work since last fall, we decided now was the time. Obviously right now it is to help make ends meet, but hopefully once he finds a new job, the sno shack will be our children's fund! Come see us on Warm Spring in Boise and watch for our other locations coming in Nampa!

Welcome to Tropical Sno . . . may I take your order!

Spencer, McCall, M'Kay & Grant

Grant, M'Kay & Spencer with our very first $1.00 bill

McCall's First Grade Field Trip
MK Nature Center & Discovery Center

McCall at the Discovery Center

Taking notes on EVERYTHING she saw, touched and learned about! The only first grader to take a notebook and a pencil!

Mrs. Draney's First Grade Class ~ 2009 ~



Taylor & Keara

Taylor had his first prom this year!!! Can't believe how fast time is flying! Columbia's prom was held at the Train Depot in Boise. Funny, that is where Marc & I had our wedding pictures taken!