Friday, March 20, 2009


We are so proud of our Columbia Wildcat Wrestlers! Undefeated -- Conference Champions, District Champions & State Champions!!! Tradition calls for wrestlers doing crazy things to their hair for state. This year Studio D Sponsored the team by taking care of it for them. Thanks Victor & Company! Taylor & Spencer both had great seasons and we are very proud of them

Taylor's 17th Birthday

OK - - I know, I know! I am way too young to have a seventeen year old! :) Poor Taylor always has to celebrate his birthday right before district & state wrestling. As you can see, there are no cupcakes, doughnuts or muffins! His big treat was a huge bowl of Clementine Oranges and half a dozen fresh mangos. He was thrilled to get a pull-up bar and his favorite movies . . .
Madagascar 1 & 2

"R" Factor Award

Reagan Elementary gives out the "R" Factor award to students who are Responsible, Respectful & Reliable. M'Kay & McCall both received the award today! Good Job!

The big black eye!!!

M'Kay decided to play baseball for the first time this year!!! A couple of days ago he was at practice and he tried to catch a fly ball with his eye instead of his mitt! Oops!