Saturday, September 22, 2007

M'Kay - - The Man!!

M'Kay - - The Man!

M'Kay is on the run - - clear across the field - - got to get those flags!

The newest Bobcat

Pinning mom with the Bobcat Pin

M'Kay's first flag salute!

Marshmallows galore!!!

M'Kay just recently turned 8 years old and is now an official cub scout! He had his first pack meeting on Tuesday and already earned his Bobcat! Today he had a football game and was so awesome. He caught an interception and ran it back to the 10 yard line just before half time. Way to go M'Kay!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Headed to Tucscon to see our Mrs. America

Sorry, I haven't posted an update for a few days, but it has been a very busy last few days for all of us. I'll try to bring you all upto speed as best as I can about our last few days. As many of you know, Lauralyn has been in Tucson since August 22nd preparing for the Mrs. America pageant. We are so proud of her for her example, her commitment and dedication in preparing for once in a lifetime opportunity. From her waking up early to go and workout at Anytime Fitness to going out and speaking at various events this summer she has represented the great married women of the state of Idaho very well.

So, after 10 days without mom, Sunday morning we all boarded a plane and headed for Tucson so that we could all show mom how much we love her and support her. WOW! We actually made it without foregetting anything, or anyone for that matter.

Here's a picture of all of us in the Boise airport.
Grandma Nette, M'Kay, Grant, McCall, Spencer, Taylor and Dad.
This was McCall's first flight, and she absolutely loved it. She told me that it looked like she could touch the clouds and asked me if she could open the window.... It broke my heart to tell her no.
After we waited for 2 1/2 hours in the Las Vegas airport (not exactly what 5 kids have the patience for, let alone Grandma and Dad), we finally arrived in Tucson. We proceeded to pickup our minivan rental car, boy did this get a few laughs from my kids. If you know our family, you know that we love our Yukon XL. It took about 40 minutes to get to the Loews Ventana resort, where we were immediately greeted by Lauralyn. 10 days seemed like 10 months to all of us. Ah, what a relief, we were all able to see mom, give her a hug and a kiss (0r two or three for me....).
Finally, the moment we were all waiting for arrived. Sunday night was the preliminary competition for the 2007 Mrs. America pageant and did Mrs. Idaho ever ROCK THE HOUSE!!!
You'll have to check out her blog for pictures and more details. (It might be a few days before she is able to get things updated and posted, as she is a LITTLE pre-occupied with trying to wrap up the rehersals and preparations for th finals on Wednesday night.