Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to School!!!

Taylor - - Junior, Columbia High School
Spencer - - Freshman, Columbia High School

Grant Salinas - - 7th Grade, East Valley Middle School

M'Kay Salinas - - 3rd Grade, Ronald Reagan Elementary

McCall Salinas - - 1st Grade, Ronald Reagan Elementary School

Today is the first day back to school. Summer FLEW by and as sad as that is, I am really looking forward to getting back on a schedule. This is the first time in over 16 years that I will not have a child at home during the day. Just so you know, I didn't cry this morning when I dropped the kids off at school!! This time of year brings lots of activities to our family. Taylor runs on Columbia's varsity cross-country team, Spencer is on the freshman football team, Grant plays football for East Valley and M'Kay is starting his first year of tackle! (Yea . . . no more flag football!) It is sure to be a great year!