Monday, December 26, 2011

A bit of Salinas Family Tradition sent to Paraguay

Elder Salinas - - skyping on Christmas Eve!

McCall singing Taylor's favorite church song for him

This is what our TV screen looked like when the call came in . . . we were cheering!

Waiting and waiting and waiting for the skype call!

Merry Christmas!

The one lone Christmas Stocking that belongs to Taylor. Pretty sad to see it hanging up there all alone on Christmas Eve!

Saige & McCall

Salinas Family Christmas Picture 2011
Missing Elder Salinas

Family "Nativity" Picture

Our Three Wisemen (???)

Mary & Joseph

Spencer gave M'Kay a wallet!

Grant gave McCall The Cupcake Diaries Books

M'Kay gave Grant a Fox Belt

McCall gave Spencer new Sunglasses and some fun stuff from the dollar store

Christmas Morning - - before church

New hat made by Grandma Nette

McCall with her Ipad

M'Kay in his new Columbia Wrestling Jacket!