Saturday, October 27, 2007

Football, Cross Country, Birthday

Go Wildcats

Looking Great Taylor!

Sprint for the finish

Relaxing after the race

2007 State Championships

Taylor & Mom

Taylor & Grandma Mann

Ronald Regan Bobcats

M'Kay & Coaches

Traditional Strawberry Milk and favorite cereal!

Surprise!!! (Check out the shoes she was wearing!)

McCall's very own house

Card & Money from David & Meggin

She is so expressive this year!

Thanks M'Kay!!!

Gift Card to Panda Express - - her favorite place to eat!

Littlest Pet Shop

A new coat

A housewarming gift from Grandma Mann - - flowers!

You are Special!

Make a Wish!

Another VERY busy weekend for the Salinas Family!!! M'Kay had his last football game scheduled for this morning at 11:45am while Taylor had the State Cross Country Meet in Idaho Falls at 2:00pm. We couldn't all be everywhere so Marc stayed home for football and Lauralyn traveled the 300 miles (with her mom) to watch Taylor run. Can you even believe that the other football team did not show up?!?!?!? Marc was not a happy camper since he was missing state! Anyway, M'Kay's team ended up scrimmaging each other and earning their 3rd place medals. Taylor loved his experience at state and ended up with a great time. For never competing in cross country before, he had an excellant year! Oh yea, one more minor detail. Today is McCall's 6th birthday. Not much of a day when there are so many other things. Her daddy took care of her this morning and then we had a family party at 10:00 pm when everyone was finally home. Happy birthday sweetheart!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A busy, busy life!

M'Kay called the colors for the flag ceremony

Weighing in . . . 5 oz exactly!

First Pinewood Derby (10th for Marc!)

M'Kay gets his mission money from Grandpa & Grandma Mann

Marc & M'Kay

Mom & Dad with M'Kay on his big day!

McCall & M'Kay

M'Kay gets his own scriptures

Spencer gets ready to kick

Spencer #17
Columbia High School Cross Country Team
Taylor at District Cross Country

Taylor & Paul after the race - - going to STATE!!!!

Running District at Eagle Island State Park

Runners take your mark . . .

We have had a busy last couple of months!!! Taylor made it to state in Cross Country, Spencer finished up football and has started wrestling, Grant is wrestling, M'Kay has one more regular season flag football game -- but the season isn't over for him as he was selected to be on the All-Star Team, and McCall is loving every minute of kindergarten. She turns 6 on Saturday so be sure to check back for lots more pictures!