Monday, December 26, 2011

A bit of Salinas Family Tradition sent to Paraguay

Elder Salinas - - skyping on Christmas Eve!

McCall singing Taylor's favorite church song for him

This is what our TV screen looked like when the call came in . . . we were cheering!

Waiting and waiting and waiting for the skype call!

Merry Christmas!

The one lone Christmas Stocking that belongs to Taylor. Pretty sad to see it hanging up there all alone on Christmas Eve!

Saige & McCall

Salinas Family Christmas Picture 2011
Missing Elder Salinas

Family "Nativity" Picture

Our Three Wisemen (???)

Mary & Joseph

Spencer gave M'Kay a wallet!

Grant gave McCall The Cupcake Diaries Books

M'Kay gave Grant a Fox Belt

McCall gave Spencer new Sunglasses and some fun stuff from the dollar store

Christmas Morning - - before church

New hat made by Grandma Nette

McCall with her Ipad

M'Kay in his new Columbia Wrestling Jacket!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Miss McCall

This year for McCall's birthday, she got a photo-shoot for her birthday. She loved every minute of it and is of course a natural at posing! What happened to my little girl? She is growing up way too fast - - she looks like a young lady now! Love you McCall! :)


Spencer & Grant
Off to Idaho Falls for Columbia's very first State Play-Off Game

Weather was a little chilly during warm ups, but not too bad

By the time we took the field, it had started to snow

And it didn't stop!

BLIZZARD the entire game!

Boys were FREEZING -- couldn't run our pass offense

They had to shovel the field at half time

My awesome #12 playing in his last game as a Wildcat

Hugging coaches after the game

Everyone telling the seniors good-bye

Spencer talking to his senior teammates after many years of GREAT football together

First Columbia State Team - - EVER!

Spencer & Grant after the game
They got to play one game together - - neat experience!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Update!


Miss McCall
Roaring 20's Flapper Girl

We carved pumpkins for Family Night last week - - complete with homemade doughnuts and apple juice! Super fun time!

Only Spencer would try to carve a pumpkin with that thing! He is lucky to still have 10 fingers!

Pumpkin Guts!

Spencer & McCall working on their Owl design

M'Kay carved a Columbia Wildcat!!! Love it!

Wildcat, Air Force, Owl


Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Make A Wish Sweetie!

We could have wrapped up a new car but this card from Paraguay would have still trumped us! She loves her brother and look at the smile he put on her face!

For the second year McCall decided to donate all of her birthday gifts to the Ronald McDonald House. We had her birthday party at the church and enlisted the help of some older girls to mange the different stations. There were 27 girls there making a blanket and decorations for the House and enjoying a great time. Each of them brought so many nice things to donate! McCall is very excited to head over to Boise to drop off all of the nice gifts. We are sure that it will brighten the holidays for many families in need. I am very proud of her and her decision to serve others on her own birthday. Love you so much McCall!!!

The Birthday Girl!

Creepy Food Table

Each of the girls made a "sucker spider" to take home!

Making a quilt for the House

Playing "Pin the Heart on the Skeleton"

Making Ornaments

McCall opening all of the gifts

McCall & her sweet friends

Each of the girls made a Gingerbread Ornament to give to the
Ronald McDonald House for decorations!

McCall with all of the gifts being donated


Senior Night
Spencer with Mom & Dad
Love you Spence!

Escorting #12


Spencer & Natalie

Spencer & Coach Stern


Charlie Walker
Baby Blessing

Walker Family

Salinas Family & Baby Charlie