Thursday, August 30, 2007

GO Broncos! Boise State wins Season Opener 56 - 7.

Well, it's time for another season of Boise State football.

Go Orange
Go big blue
Fight! Fight!

After last years incredible season and the finale at the Fiesta Bowl we have been chomping at the bit to see how this years team is going to be. If tonights performance is any indication of what is to come, it doesn't look like these guys have missed a beat. Even though they have a lot of new and young faces on the team, a lot of the same guys are picking up right where they left off. Ian Johnson did not dissappoint tonight, he had an exciting and fast 50 plus yard dash to the endzone. Taylor Tharp is the guy who has been picked to replace Jared Zabransky and it looks like this Senior is ready to do just that. 56 - 7, that is not too bad for the opening game.
As you can tell, we are HUGE Boise State fans at our house. We love the Broncos! Having grown up here in the Treasure Valley, I have been a Bronco fan for as long as I can remember. Even though I didn't get to see my first game in person until 1986 when Boise State smashed Humboldt State 74 - 0, as a kid, I loved to read the paper, listen to the radio or watch the news to see how the Broncos did.

Grant, M'Kay, Spencer, McCall along with there cousins Tyler and Michael cheering for the Broncos.

(Tyler, I won't tell anyone at BYU that you're wearing that shirt......)

Tyler's cousin, John Beck, was the starting quarterback for BYU the last 3 years and is now playing for the Miami Dolphins, so Tyler is a DEVOUT BYU fan, but we've got proof that there's a little Bronco blood running through his veins.....;-)

About seven years ago, my AWESOME wife, Lauralyn, gave me season tickets to watch the Broncos. That year, the two of us would go to the games and have a great time. I still can't believe how, incredibly, lucky I am to have married a woman who loves to watch football (Especially the Broncos) as much as I do. The next year we renewed our tickets and we were expecting our 5th child (our daughter McCall). Even though she was pregnant, she would make the trip to the stadium and watch the games with me until October when McCall was born.

Since then, I have had season tickets and I love to take my boys to all the home games.

M'Kay sporting his new Boise State Nike shirt from his mom. She gave all of the boys (including dad) these shirts as gifts while she is at the Mrs. America pageant

Tonight I had the opportunity to take my daughter McCall to her first Bronco football game along with her brothers Spencer, Grant and M'Kay. She totally loved every minute of it, especially the cheerleaders, the girl on the horse and the ROTC canon that goes off after every score.

Watch out Maneline dancers...... Here I come!

There is nothing better than watching the Broncos play in Bronco Stadium on a fall evening in Boise, with the view of the foothills, except maybe watching them for the first time with your daughter......: )

I think next year I am going to have to add another ticket to my package so that McCall can come along to all the games.

McCall with Ariel and Alyssa Dickinson some of our good friends. McCall adores them, and was excited to see them at the game. Grandma Mann, Tyler, Michael and Spencer are in the background.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

McCall starts Kindergarten

Ah, stopping to smell the flowers before heading off to my first day of school.
Ronald Reagan, Here I come.......

Watch the video of My teacher, Mrs. Field and I on my orientation day.

How many girls do you know that can talk their dad into taking them to the bus stop on a motorcycle? This little girl has daddy right where she wants him.....

M'Kay Turns 8

Ready to play Football....

Cinnamon rolls from Sister Harris and Twix from Sister Keller

Here I come....., I'm 8

Breakfast Donut with a candle...

$100 bill Card

My very own football and flag set...


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