Sunday, November 25, 2012

Swan Falls Wrestling Run

Even though we don't have a "High School" wrestler this year . . . M'Kay joined the team for the Swan Falls run.  This is his 6th year running it.  He didn't have an older brother this time so he ran with Austin most of the time . . . well, at least until the final stretch!


Thanksgiving was spent in Parma at the Barn.  Great time!

Boise Temple

After a LONG closure, the Boise Temple is finally open again!  Marc & I got to be tour guides during the open house and it was awesome!  It is so beautiful inside and we have loved every minute of being inside.  We also took our own family, plus grandma, plus our good friend Pauline.  What a neat experience to share with everyone!

Our youth also got to be a part of the Cultural Celebration which was presented to the Prophet at Taco Bell Arena on BSU Campus.  We spent hours and hours and hours preparing for 1:30 of performing, but it was so worth it!!!  What a great experience for the 9,200 youth who were able to be a part of this.

All of the youth were given cinch bags to keep their things in that day.  Of course Grant and his buddies saw it as a way to advertise themselves to the ladies!  All of the guys wrote "Future Elder ___________"

President Thomas S. Monson addressing the youth

President Monson and Elder Bednar enjoying the performance

Sunday Morning we attended the first dedication as a family at our Stake Center.  It was so nice to be there with my children and experience that with them.  Marc & I had tickets to attend the dedication inside the temple at 12:00pm, so we hurried over to Boise as soon as we dropped our kids off at home.  What a neat feeling to be in the temple, with the Prophet.  Such a GREAT weekend!


Grant's Surgery

Grant broke his hand in practice - - boo!  We didn't think it was broken at first so he played that Friday night.  It wasn't any better by Monday so we took him to quick care for an x-ray and sure enough it was broken.  They tried to schedule surgery for that week and he was like . . . um, I still have two more games so I'll pass!  Anyway, it hurt like crazy but he finished out the year.  He met with the surgeon the following Wednesday and then on Thursday he had it done.  Grant now has four permanent screws in his hand!  He asked his surgeon if it would be possible to get a couple of pics or some video of the surgery so that he could take it back to his trainer . . . much to our surprise they video taped the entire thing.  So cool!

Getting ready for surgery!

Nerve block in . . . OUT!

Grant's hand - - wide open!

Grant in recovery with Dr. Murdock explaining what he did during surgery

Amazing Surgeon!  Thanks Dr. Murdock!

BSU Game

Marc & I missed out on our Christmas Present from mom and dad last year - - tickets to Les Miserables.  It just so happened that it fell on the same day of taking Spencer to the MTC.  So . . . we sold the tickets and took that money to buy BSU vs. BYU tickets!  So much fun!  It was a super close game, but we pulled out a win in the end.  LOVE OUR BRONCOS!!!