Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fun Family Saturday!

Today we hiked Table Rock. Ummm . . . I am tired!!! It was was steeper than I remember and I probably should have been in a little better shape before tackling that. However, I made it and did fine. Not sure if any of us will be able to move tomorrow, but we finished it! We had a GREAT time as a family! Of course we missed having Taylor with us - - and Spencer too (he was working) This was a fabulous workout that we look forward to doing again.

Once we made it to the top (slowed by the crazy winds and a little rain) we posed for a family picture. I've got some serious wind hair!

Grant in search of a new Facebook Profile Picture!

Crazy Kids! Marc & I had a fun time today! It was obvious that 40 is NOT the new "teenager" when it comes to being in shape! We got a workout!

The kids had a great time exploring around the rocks and carving their names!

Once again, trying for a new Facebook Profile Picture!

The kids ran ahead of us for a bit and when we got to the car we couldn't find them. Then, down a different path came Grant with McCall in his arms. She fell while running down the hill! Banged up her knee pretty good and scraped up her elbow. NO TEARS AT ALL! In fact, she said that she was pretty proud of her fall!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

"R" Factor

Both M'Kay & McCall have earned the "R" Factor award every year. McCall even got it twice this year! It recognizes students who are responsible, respectful and reliable! Good Job you two!


For Christmas . . . my parents gave all of the couples tickets to WICKED!!! We went last night and it was fantastic. I am amazed the stage production, props, scenery and of course the voices. The talent was unbelievable. We all met for dinner at Angels, downtown Boise!!! YUMMY Filet Mignon, calamari, tiger prawns, brie, and Creme Brulee! What a fun night!


McCall & I had our Mother-Daughter activity at the church on Wednesday. We had a lot of fun together!!! We played a cute M&M game where we asked "getting to know you" questions. Then we each made a glass pendant necklace (sooo cute!) and finished off with a white-elephant dessert exchange. Loved spending time with you Miss!

Spring Rectial

This is McCall's 2nd year of piano and today was her Spring Recital. She has also participated in two festivals as well as "Certificate of Merit" this year. She did a beautiful job tonight!

PROM 2011

Spencer took Kiarra Rowe to Prom this year. They both looked great! Loved that she cut the bottom of her dress off to make sleeves! What a good girl! :)